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  • The HLAC is your hearing friend.

    The HLAC uses the scientifically proven most effective sound for awakening you in an emergency. With the bed shaker it will awaken you even if you cannot hear at all. And it serves as your reliable daily wake-up alarm clock.

    The combination of bright flashing screen, loud low frequency alarm, a baritone voice, and the vibrating bed shaker under your mattress or pillow is unbeatable.

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  • 90 million people in the US are over 50

    Hearing loss for high frequencies is normal as the years go by. But it means that the odds are that an ordinary high-pitched smoke alarm will not wake you up even if you can hear one when you are awake.

    Sleep safely with the Lifetone HLAC

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  • Protect Your Family

    Lifetone Safety is your one stop for fire safety information. Get informed. Have a plan. Stay protected.

    Learn about fire and smoke alarms, standards and codes, and stay up to date with fire safety through the Lifetone Fire Safety Blog!

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  • Fire Departments & Universities

    Find grants that can support the hard of hearing in your fire district.

    ● Does your college meet the fire code?
    ● Can it improve safety for the hard of hearing?
    ● Need to meet NFPA 72 2010 or 2013 requirements?

    The Lifetone HLAC is a UL-listed 520 Hz Low Frequency Sounder that meets chapter 18 and 29 requirements.

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  • Questions about the HLAC151?

    The Lifetone HLAC combines the technologies scientifically proven to be most effective for awakening people in an emergency:
    ● Loud (> 85 dBA) 520 Hz alarm sound
    ● Baritone voice announcing "FIRE! GET OUT!"
    ● Powerful pulsed bed shaker vibration
    And the bright orange screen flashing "FIRE" tells you why you have been awakened.

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The Lifetone Mission…

Lifetone Technology is dedicated to providing those who are hard of hearing or sleep very soundly the ability to sleep safely. Here at Lifetone Technology we are committed to spreading the word about fire safety and preventing fire-related deaths.

The Lifetone HLAC alarm provides a solution to at-risk groups that include children, sound sleepers, seniors, and hard of hearing or hearing impaired individuals. In the U.S. there is a residential fire every 85 seconds. Most are at night. Our UL-listed smoke alarm accessory provides a powerful solution that is saving lives and helping the world sleep safely



Until I found this Lifetone Alarm, I was never sure I would be awakened when I wanted to be. I can't hear most alarms and those I could hear were so faint I was more likely to overlook them in a sound sleep than to be awakened by them. The Lifetone is not only a good fire alarm (actually, the least of my worries as this place is equipped with several others) but also an outstanding sleep alarm. Not only does it have the loudest alarm I've ever heard (fortunately, I don't have a companion with normal hearing sleeping alongside me), but it also has a "bed shaker" (more of a rough vibrator) which is even more effective than the audio alarm. The numbers on the "dial" are large enough that even these 82 year-old eyes can make them out without glasses. The clock and alarm setting functions are simple and can be quickly reset and adjusted. All in all, the best bedside clock and alarm I've ever owned.
W.R., Amazon Review

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