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  • Keep your family safe...

    Children, Seniors, & Hard of Hearing individuals are much less likely to wake from a fire alarm

    The Lifetone Safety technology is a UL listed bedside alarm that listens to traditional smoke detectors and emits a more effective frequency alarm that is proven to wake those in danger

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  • Fire Departments & Universities

    Find grants that can support the hard of hearing in your fire district.

    Does your college meet the fire code? Can it improve safety for the hard of hearing?

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  • Fire Safety

    Lifetone Safety is your one stop for fire safety information. Get informed. Have a plan. Stay protected.

    Learn the law and stay up to date with fire safety through the Lifetone Fire Safety Blog!

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  • Questions about the HLAC151?

    Get product specifications, instructional videos, and customer support here!

    Sleep Safely.

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The Lifetone Mission…

Lifetone Safety is dedicated to providing those who are hard of hearing or sleep very soundly the ability to sleep safely. Here at Lifetone Safety we are committed to spreading the word about fire safety and preventing fire-related deaths.

The Lifetone HL alarm provides a solution to at-risk groups that include children, sound sleepers, seniors, and hard of hearing or hearing impaired individuals. In the U.S. there is a residential fire every 85 seconds. Most are at night. Our UL-listed smoke alarm accessory provides a powerful solution that is saving lives and helping the world sleep safely



Received clock. Took less than 5 minutes to set up. Will feel better knowing my wife will be awakened when there is a fire alarm gong off, even when I am not here. Thanks again!

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