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Lifetone is pleased to announce the new model HLAC151.

Listed by UL to the current UL 217 standard, and to cUL S531 for use in Canada, and to UL 1971 specifically for the hearing impaired, the HLAC151 is an evolution of the popular HLAC150, but includes some additional features requested by our customers. These include:

1) SETUP. An easier no-fail setup with step-by-step audible instructions in a clear baritone voice. The baritone is easier to hear for those with normal age-related hearing loss in the higher registers. These instructions will guide you through the set-up procedure, from “Press the red button to begin”, to “Now set the clock” when the HLAC151 has finished testing itself and heard your smoke alarm. And the manual and quick Start Guides have been improved for those that must depend on the written instructions.

Further, there is no time limit on any step in the set-up procedure. For example, if the HLAC doesn’t hear your smoke alarm after five minutes it simply says “Now test your smoke alarm’ again and waits for the T3 sound again.

2) TESTING. To test a previous model with your smoke alarms after it was set up, you had to let it hear seven consecutive T3 signals from your smoke alarm to simulate an emergency. Many newer smoke alarms only provide two T3 signals when the test button is pressed, so testing had to make use of canned artificial smoke (like “Smoke Check”), or you needed to have an older T3 alarm in the house, or you had to set it up again.

With the new HLAC151, you simply press the red button for two seconds (until TEST appears on the screen) and release it do a manual test. When the HLAC151 finishes its T3 output, it goes into a smoke alarm test mode with an indicator icon flashing on the screen for two minutes. During that time, if it hears two or more T3 signals from a smoke alarm it will sound its alarm, and then spend another two minutes in that test mode.

This means that you can do the manual test with the red button to demonstrate that the HLAC is still working properly and sounds the alarm as you expect it to. Then you can go to the nearest smoke alarm and prove that it responds to that alarm by pressing its test button. Then you can go to one a little farther away and test with that one. You can continue through your house testing with each smoke alarm in order of distance. You can do this when the activity (and noise) level in the house is high, and again at night when all is quiet, and know what your HLAC can hear under different conditions. After two minutes without hearing a smoke alarm, the HLAC automatically goes back to normal operation.

3) STATUS ALERTS. The third new feature in the HLAC151 is low battery and bed shaker error voice notifications. If the batteries are low, instead of sounding a low frequency tone alone, the HLAC151 also says clearly “Check batteries” in a low frequency baritone voice. Likewise, if the bed shaker comes unplugged, it will sound the alerting tone and say “Check bed shaker.” Of course, the display screen still has the flashing “BATT” and “beds” message for those that have to depend on visual notifications.

The new HLAC151 is the successor to the HLAC150, and adds new features that make it easier to set up and use than its predecessors. For this reason we no longer make the HLAC150, but we will of course continue to support it. If you have questions about any HLAC model, feel free to call the support number (800-648-7923).

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