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HLAC150/151 Setup Video

Setting up your HLAC

This video applies to the models HLAC150 and HLAC151. The steps to set up both models are exactly the same. The only difference is that the HLAC151 also has audible voice instructions telling you what to do at each step.

This is how it’s done:

  • Read the Quick Start Guide
  • Install the batteries
  • “TEST” will start flashing
  • Plug the HLAC in to a wall outlet near your bedside
  • Press the red button on the back
  • “TEST” will stop flashing
  • Wait until “TEST” is flashing again
  • Press the test button on your smoke alarm
  • When the HLAC starts sounding its alarm, press the red button
  • Set the clock

Finished! Use the On/Off button on top to activate or deactivate the daily wake-up alarm.
Read through the manual to find out more about setting and using the wake-up alarm, the low battery and bed shaker error signals, and how to test your HLAC with your smoke alarms on a regular basis.

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