Low Frequency Fire Alarm for the Hard of Hearing
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High Risk For Seniors

More and more older adults are enjoying independent living, but there are also greater risks. For seniors 75 years old or older, the risk of fire death skyrockets to three and a half times the national average .
As more of us grow older, the need for better senior home safety grows more urgent. Normal elderly health issues include reduced mobility and loss of hearing sensitivity (more than one third of people over the age of 65 are hearing impaired, particularly at higher frequencies).This is a deadly combination in a fire emergency, especially at night, when most fatalities from fire occur.

I just ordered one … My smoke alarm went off warning me to change my battery and it drove my cats Benny and Katie crazy but I could not hear it unless I put my hearing aids in. That was a wake up call.

The Lifetone Solution

Controlled scientific tests have demonstrated that the standard high frequency smoke alarm tone is not the most effective at waking people in at-risk groups such as older adults. Instead, a special low frequency signal like the one used in the Lifetone HL Bedside Fire Alarm and Clock woke people up in about one-third of the time on average (and many woke up much faster). In fact, the average time it took the standard smoke alarm signal to wake people up was three minutes – a full minute longer than the time experts say you have to already be out of the house!

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