Low Frequency Fire Alarm for the Hard of Hearing
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Hard of Hearing

Lifetone is your hearing friend in an emergency.

Hearing loss is much more common than most people realize. About a million people in the US are deaf.  If we include the hearing impaired who have normal moderate to severe age-related hearing loss, a very conservatively estimated 70 million Americans — almost a quarter of the entire population — are hard of hearing to some degree.  Considering that most deadly fires occur while people are sleeping, the risk is obvious.

Even mildly hearing impaired people are much less likely to respond to the high frequency sound of a smoke detector.  The question is not whether or not you can hear a high-frequency smoke alarm when awake.  The question is will that alarm wake you up when you are asleep?  The answer is, in the majority of cases it will not.

The fire detection system from Lifetone Technology is what I’ve been writing about, the Holy Grail for the person with hearing loss for many moons now. And now it has become a reality! This device will obsolete every other fire detection product for our lot currently on the market!

Click here to see our captioned video describing how to set up and use the HLAC.
For those that speak ASL, here is a link to an assistive technology video by ABLE Tech at OSU in Oklahoma that discusses the HLAC.

The Lifetone Solution

The Lifetone HL Bedside Fire Alarm and Clock contains the most advanced technology available today for waking people in home fire emergency—especially people who are hard of hearing. It actively “listens” for the distinct sound of your home smoke alarm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (and is smart enough to ignore other high frequency sounds). When it detects your smoke alarm, including when you are sound asleep, it immediately begins broadcasting three different alert signals to give you the best possible chance of waking up quickly: the screen flashes “FIRE”, the loud 90 dBA 520 Hz alarm is sounded at your bedside, and the powerful pulsating bed shaker shakes you awake.

Turn the volume up. Can you hear the high-pitched smoke alarm before the HLAC starts its alarm?

* Note: Small speakers in laptops and tablets may render the HLAC alarm at a slightly higher pitch than 520Hz, and it will not be as loud as the HLAC actually is (85 dB at 3 ft. is really loud).

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