Low Frequency Fire Alarm for the Hard of Hearing
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Fire Departments

Enhancing Lives, Ensuring Safety

Fire Departments are in a unique position to have a major impact on hard of hearing individuals in their community. And we know that if they are not awake, they cannot escape.

Assistance is available to firefighters through the  FEMA Fire Prevention & Safety Grants (FP&S) program, in the  General Education/Awareness category (see page 13, 5th bullet), as well as through local civic organizations. Fire Departments across the United States have chosen the Lifetone HLAC Bedside Fire Alarm and Clock and distributed over 25,000 of them to those at highest risk in their communities.

The HLAC™ fire alarm is a powerful combination of the technologies scientifically proven by NFPA Fire Research Foundation research to be the most effective for awakening everyone in an emergency: a 520Hz T3 at over 85 dB, powerful intermittent vibration, and a commanding baritone voice shouting “Fire! Get out!”.  Hear it and see it.

We like the fact that it can hear all the alarms in the house, even in the basement. With the bed shaker and loud low pitched alarm, it is more effective than a strobe alarm. The clock is also a wake up alarm clock.

Here are links to several videos of community service projects for the hearing impaired implemented by fire and rescue organizations in Iowa, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, and Florida. There have been many other similar successful projects.

Substantial quantity discounts are available for state and local fire authorities and grant-funded projects. Call us at 800-648-7923 to inquire.

Grant Assistance

The Lifetone HLAC uses patented monitoring technology—perfected over 10 years of development—to actively listen for the sound of your smoke alarm (and ignore all other sounds at the same frequency, about 3100 Hz).
When it hears a smoke alarm it immediately initiates three different signals to wake you up now: the flashing “FIRE” text on the screen, the 520 Hz T3 at more than 85 dB with audible “Fire! Get out!” voice message, and the powerful vibrating bed shaker.
The Lifetone HLAC also functions as a daily wake-up alarm clock, ensuring that it will be strategically located near the bedside for awakening occupants in the event of a fire emergency
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The Lifetone HLAC is listed by UL to current editions and revisions of UL 217, cUL S531, and UL 1971, and is listed as a low frequency sounder for use with residential smoke alarms and commercial notification appliances in the US and Canada, and is NFPA 2010-2013 compliant. Click the UL card images to enlarge them.

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