Low Frequency Fire Alarm for the Hard of Hearing
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Heavy Sleepers

Heavy Sleepers Can Benefit

Most fatal home fires occur at night when everyone in the house is sleeping. According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 40% of fire victims never wake up before being overcome by smoke.

As a heavy sleeper, you are lucky in one respect: your sleep is not interrupted, even by relatively loud sounds. But when you are asleep you do face the same problem that someone who is hearing impaired faces. Your hearing is good (check it here if you like), but it takes a lot more than that puny high-pitched smoke alarm to wake you up from a sound sleep. The Lifetone Beside Fire Alarm and Clock is your friend that can wake you up in an emergency.

The fire detection system from Lifetone Technology™ is what I’ve been writing about, the Holy Grail for the person with hearing loss for many moons now. And now it has become a reality! This device will obsolete every other fire detection product for our lot currently on the market!

The Lifetone Solution

Recent scientific research has demonstrated that the high-frequency sound of home smoke alarms is not effective for awakening people in higher-risk categories, and that includes those who are just heavy sleepers. For the best in home fire safety, the Lifetone HL Bedside Fire Alarm and Clock has three different ways to wake you up:

  • The 85 dBA 520 Hz T3 alarm sound that has been proven in research to be the most effective at waking people in a fire emergency
  • The powerful intermittent bed shaker that vibrates the bed under you
  • The commanding baritone voice that shouts “Fire! Get out!”
  • And the flashing screen tells you what the emergency is for added effect.

Turn the volume up. Can you hear the high-pitched smoke alarm before the HLAC starts its alarm? Would that wake you up?

* Note: Small speakers in laptops and tablets may render the audible alarm at a slightly higher pitch than 520Hz, and the sound level will not be as loud as the HLAC actually is (85 dB at 3 ft. is really loud).

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