Low Frequency Fire Alarm for the Hard of Hearing
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Reviews and Testimonials

Here is what customers and fire safety professionals
have said about the HLAC and our customer support:

February 13, 2010
Until I found this Lifetone Alarm, I was never sure I would be awakened when I wanted to be. I can’t hear most alarms and
those I could hear were so faint I was more likely to overlook them in a sound sleep than to be awakened by them. The Lifetone
is not only a good fire alarm (actually, the least of my worries as this place is equipped with several others) but also an
outstanding sleep alarm. Not only does it have the loudest alarm I’ve ever heard (fortunately, I don’t have a companion with
normal hearing sleeping alongside me), but it also has a “bed shaker” (more of a rough vibrator) which is even more effective
than the audio alarm. The numbers on the “dial” are large enough that even these 82 year-old eyes can make them out without
glasses. The clock and alarm setting functions are simple and can be quickly reset and adjusted. All in all, the best bedside
clock and alarm I’ve ever owned.
W.R.,  State not available

March 11, 2010
At first I wondered if I should spend $100+ on such a device sight unseen. But safety concerns prompted me to try. My first
impression on opening the box was: Wow, what a solidly built device. Later installation was easy, including the test/synch
with my already-installed smoke detector. Next morning, the alarm clock (via the bedshaker) woke me right on time! I’m letting
friends know about this product.
M.E.,   State not available

Jan 21, 2011
New unit arrived, its all set up and working fine. This is such a wonderful product and a godsend for those of us that need it.
J.C.,  State not available

May 29, 2011
I sincerely appreciate your patience and personal instruction with regard to properly configuring the Lifetone.
I think it is a wonderful idea for those of us with a hearing deficiency, or who are very sound sleepers.
(text omitted to protect customer privacy) The alarm and bed shaker are just perfect for her. Again, thanks
for your personal approach. I wish you much success!
Best regards,
E.C.,  North Carolina

December 28, 2012
Just a note to thank you for all your help. The package arrived on Christmas Eve and my father loved it. I have to
set it up for him now. You were awesome and I thank you. Hope you have a Happy New Year. Thanks again,
D.,  New Jersey

January 31, 2013
Hello hey I am happy about fire alarm with under shake from clock big thank you ok
G.P.,  State not available

February 26, 2013
I wanted to see if I could place another order for 8 more of the bedside fire alarm clocks. You can reach my
cell phone at (number withheld). I have already installed a couple, and the people LOVE them!!
J.T.,  Fire Department, North Carolina

April 18, 2013
I just had the BEST customer service from (name witheld) at Lifetone in Oklahoma: she was so kind, patient
and knowledgeable and helped me through the entire setup process of our HLAC 150.
Thank you! and Lifetone, you are lucky to have people like that.
M.T.,  California

September 26, 2014
… I just wanted to thank you again for all the help you have provided myself and (city withheld) Fire
and Rescue. I have used the Instructions for Fire Professionals multiple times now and the setups have
gone extremely well. I received a phone call earlier this week from an elderly lady that needed a little
help with her HLAC and completely had her set it up and test it over the phone just by following the
instructions you provided! It worked great!
I sincerely appreciate your help,
J.B.,  Fire and Rescue, Nebraska

November 20, 2014
… I think this device is my lifesaver, as I am nearly deaf in my right ear and if I’m sleeping on my good ear,
I don’t even hear the security alarm. Thank goodness, I live with someone else who can hear!
This clock with the bed shaker has made me sleep easier, and I thank you so much.
P.D.,  State not available

July 15, 2015
hello, after having problems with my lifetone cloak, and talking with the very, very pleasant helpful
technical support person, we set up my alarm/clock.
V.B.  State not available

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