Low Frequency Fire Alarm for the Hard of Hearing
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Protect Your Children

Controlled scientific studies from 1999 through 2008 showed that fewer than one in three children aged 6-10 years woke up reliably to a standard smoke alarm signal—even when the smoke alarm was directly over their bed! Broadcast news programs have also demonstrated repeatedly for years that children can sleep right through the sound of a conventional smoke alarm.
The HLAC is the solution, with the loud low frequency T3 signal, the powerful bed shaker, the baritone voice shouting “FIRE”, and the flashing “FIRE” on the screen; an unbeatable combination that works!

The HLAC can hear all of our smoke alarms at night, including the ones on the first floor. It’s loud! and with the bed shaker the boy can’t sleep through it. And it’s an alarm clock too. I don’t have to go upstairs and wake him up three times in the morning.

Have a look. In this 2008 NBC video three out of four children in a home did not wake up when the smoke alarms were set off. This is not just something that happens in a laboratory remote from daily reality.

The Lifetone Solution

Compared to adults, children spend much more of their total sleep cycle in “deep sleep.” During deep sleep the brain turns its sensitivity to external sensory input way down, sort of like locking itself in its own dark, sound-proof room. Only very special auditory stimulation like the low-frequency “square wave” pattern of the Lifetone HL—can break through and interrupt the brain’s self-isolation during deep sleep.
These resources will help you protect your family:

Take Action

  • Make sure your fire alarms have batteries and they are functional

  • Test your alarms’ ability to awaken the children

  • Add a Lifetone Bedside Fire Alarm and Clock to your home

  • Implement an escape plan and practice it with your children

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